Remote Coaching

DTSOF - DT School of Fitness‘s Remote Coaching is purposely segmented to cater to your needs. Based on the principles of our onsite program, remote online coaching will help you reach your goals faster and enjoy your training more with a coach to support you one on one. Every person is unique, so we take the time to get to know you and uncover your personal “why” – this is what gets you into the gym day to day and year to year, even if it changes over time. We work together to craft a program that motivates you, challenges you, pushes you when you need it, and supports you in periods of rest.


What to Expect

You receive individualized programming based on you, your goals, and our philosophy.  More importantly you are assigned a coach from our team for video review and correspondence.  The coaching is by far the most valuable part of this program if you commit to taking advantage of it.


Great for those that want to follow our programming but don’t have time to come to our gym.

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