What to expect:

1-on-1 or Small Group Training (up to 3) can be a game-changer for the novice or veteran athlete.  Personal sessions allow us to train you at your own pace and on your own calendar, pushing as you approach goals and peaks while helping you navigate the valleys of a busy life.  Many of our members supplement their group training with private sessions, and all of our coaches are available to work with you.

*Dedicated skill work
*Nutrition check-ins
*3 month Goal Setting
*Extra conditioning or lifting session
*Gift Certificates

*Full movement assessments
*Work on multiple lifts or longer conditioning pieces
*6 month or yearlong planning
*Repeating or making up a class workout with individual attention
*Olympic Lifting (Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Accessory Work)


Nothing, this is a great starting point if it’s the first time you have ever stepped foot in a gym or you are an experienced athlete looking to maximize your time in the gym.

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I’ve become a more confident, health-conscious and happier person.
Kyle L. 
Being able to see fitness not just through the lens of weight loss. Strength and general health I can see and feel everyday not just at the gym.
Henry S 
The trainers are genuinely interested in my overall health and tailor workouts to fit my goals and abilities and help me maximize my fitness without injury.
Ruth H 
The gym has a real family/community feel and everyone really pulls for each other. You have built an amazing family of like-minded people.
Shane T 
This has been such a great journey for the last 4 years becoming physically and mentally stronger. Great support from coaches and members. Come here if you want to make gains while being treated like family!
Chad H. 

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